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Priory Farm fishing lakes

Here at Priory Farm Lakes, we take the welfare of our fish and general care of the environment very seriously. The rules detailed below are designed to ensure these principles are adhered to. All members and guests are asked to familiarise themselves with the Fishery rules at Priory Farm prior to fishing. We will not tolerate any infringement of our rules and any angler found doing so will forfeit his/her right to fish at Priory Lakes, without refund.

Final ruling on all matters rests with the management of Priory Farm.

  • all anglers must stay within the perimeter of the lake and car parks
  • no fishing without a current membership card
  • membership cards must be displayed on the hook provided at all times
  • barbless hooks only
  • gates must be kept locked according to membership details
  • hemp, boilies and ground bait may be used in moderation to avoid pollution
  • an Environment Agency Rod Licence must be held and carried at all times
  • all fish caught must be returned to the water alive
  • unhooking mats must be used at all times
  • use of lead weights - NRA rules apply
  • floating baits may be used, but particular care must be taken not to hook water fowl
  • keepnets only allowed during matches and must be a minimum of 8ft
  • surplus bait must not be discarded into the water
  • no wading
  • fishing is allowed from the marked pegs only and only one angler per peg
  • only one rod is permitted in the water at a time on Hungerford Lake. Two rods may be used on Priory Lake and Hogtrough, and bait runner reels must be used. Bait boats may be used but not across other anglers swims
  • tackle must be withdrawn from the water if unattended
  • litter in the vicinity of the anglers peg is considered his/her responsibility
  • no dogs, radios, fires or firearms are permitted
  • only one spectator may accompany each angler
  • cars must be parked in the authorised car park only - not in Gate 3 the old Mountain Boarding car park
  • any fish disorders should be reported to the Farm Office
  • members may teach juniors under the age of 12 how to fish by sharing a peg. Only one rod may be used
  • any member under 16 must be accompanied by the adult member holding the Family Membership Card at all times
  • the "Method" style of fishing with free running frame feeders is allowed at the discretion of the Bailiff
  • no fixed lead coil leaders
  • guests must be accompanied by an adult member at all times

Please also note:

Care of Fish Stocks

Great care must be taken when handling fish. It is advisable to return your catch in the landing net or at very least close to the water. Do not just throw them into the water, this may cause the fish to dive deeply and risk damaging themselves on the rocks close to the edge.

Never handle fish with a dry cloth as this will remove their protective slime. Please do not swing in fish of 6oz or more as this may result in damaged lips and barbless hooks only please.

Remember the fish are there for your sport and enjoyment - dead and dying ones are not!

Additional Information:

  • Priory Farm reserves the right to close the lakes at any time
  • pumps may be run periodically to irrigate crops
  • no responsibility will be accepted for loss, damage, injury or death however caused
  • from time to time, the surrounding area is used for corporate entertaining.
Coronovirus Update 21st Sept 2021

As of Monday 26th July Guest tickets are now available for both Day and Night fishing.

Night Fishing and Guest Fishing tickets can now be booked online. Please visit to book.