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Priory Farm - Hogtrough lake

Four acres in size and packed full of fish holding features like islands, bays and varying depths, Hogtrough Lake is the most recent fishing lake at Priory Farm. Maturing nicely, the fishing on Hogtrough Lake is suited to anglers who like a bit more of a challenge. Go on, give it a go ... the rewards are definitely worth that extra effort.

The Lake:

Hogtrough lake is the youngster at Priory Farm and has just turned 13 years old. The lake is maturing nicely with the island and bank side vegetation growing rapidly.

Although the fishing can sometimes be a little harder than the other two lakes, the rewards are well worth putting in the extra effort.

Give some thought to exploring the features and seeking out likely fish holding spots and you will not be disappointed. Explore the shallow bays in summer and the deeper areas of the lake in winter.

  • carp of 20lb plus
  • crucian carp, roach, perch, skimmers, bream of 5lb plus and tench to 7lb plus
  • many fish holding features - small bays, heavily planted margins and 3 islands
  • 4.2 acres in size
  • depths vary from 2ft to almost 15ft
  • well spaced hard core swims
  • night fishing available
Hog Large

The Fish:

carp to 30lb+breamcrucian carpperchroachruddtench

Best Bait & Tactics:

Crucian carp and silver fish tactics

Corn or soft pellets, float fished as close as possible to the island is a great tactic and often pays rich dividends. Loose feed little and often with pellets and maggots or a small amount of corn. Loose fed hemp often works really well too.

Bream and tench tactics

Groundbait at the start of the session and continue throughout, varying the amount you feed depending on how fast the bites are coming. If the fish are feeding well and bites are coming think and fast, step up the feed to ensure you retain fish in your swim.

A feeder approach is always a good idea, or a small method feeder with sweet corn, hemp, pellet, groundbait and even small 10-12mm boilies. Plastic corn works well too, especially when popped up 2-4 inches over a bed of groundbait

Carp tactics

The carp in Hogtrough Lake are crafty old devils and a well camouflaged rig and rig placement are essential. Boilies are always a good bet but it is also worth considering

using artificial baits. Fake sweetcorn, maize and tares have all worked well in the past. Also, double red maggot can be a killer bait on Hogtrough.

There are loads of underwater features in Hogtrough Lake and it is worth taking some time to explore the lake bed using a marker rod.

Also don't ignore the obvious, like the margins and the islands, both great fish holding areas. In winter do what the fish do and search out the deeper areas of the lake, or areas of the lake with cover.

Coronovirus Update 21st Sept 2021

As of Monday 26th July Guest tickets are now available for both Day and Night fishing.

Night Fishing and Guest Fishing tickets can now be booked online. Please visit to book.